Aligner Resources’ January Online Clear Aligner Course is Underway

The January-April session of “Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique” has begun, with over 50 general dentists and orthodontists participating. Over this 12-week, self-paced professional development course, participants will move from the basics of clear aligner treatment to approaches, tips, and tricks for specific issues and complex cases.

Topics covered during this 30 credit, CE-eligible course from Aligner Resources include:

1. Anterior Open Bite and Crowding: This module covers tips and tricks for resolving a patient’s open bite and spacing issues with clear aligners, instead of braces.

2. Deep Bites, Class II Treatment, and Mandibular Advancement: This module covers how Invisalign clear aligners — in concert with intermaxillary elastics — can effectively align jaws. 

3. Invisalign and Extractions: Several modules cover tips and tricks for approaching extractions as part of a patient’s aligner treatment.

4. Advanced ClinCheck Techniques: ClinCheck is Invisalign’s all-in-one, real-time digital hub for planning precise clear aligner treatment. This module covers best practices for using this powerful tool.

5. Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Finishing, and Retention: This module provides tips for advising patients as they progress through clear aligner sets at home. Participants also learn how to guide patients with after-care and retainers.

6. Mixed Dentition with Invisalign First: Learn how to use Invisalign First for effective Phase 1 orthodontics instead of traditional braces.

7. TADS and Orthognathic Surgery with Clear Aligners: Participants will learn about multidisciplinary cases that require orthognathic surgery and the placement of TADS in concert with clear aligner treatment.

Course Benefits For General Dentists and Orthodontists

Developed by renowned orthodontist, Dr. Sandra Khong Tai, this course makes professional development in clear aligners convenient for busy dentists and orthodontists. Participants can study the content and video modules on their own time anywhere, from any device or computer. And participants can submit case studies for live ClinCheck sessions with Dr. Tai.

Once completed, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to expand their practice with clear aligner treatment. And participants recover their investment in the course with just one clear aligner case.

About Dr. Sandra Khong Tai

Dr. Tai has 22+ years of orthodontic expertise as a certified Invisalign® orthodontist. A Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, Dr. Tai has treated over 4,000 cases with Invisalign.

She is a leading expert in clear aligners, sharing her knowledge with dental and orthodontic professionals globally. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry and an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of the Pacific, San Francisco. 

Still Time to Join This Session

Interested in this course but not registered yet? Register now. It’s not too late for dentists and orthodontists to join this January-April session. New participants will have access to any missed modules and be able to catch up in their own time for this self-paced course.


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