7 Aligner Tips and Tricks You'll Learn in Aligner Resources' 12-Week Online Orthodontic Course

It’s no surprise that offering clear aligner treatment at your dental or orthodontic practice is a win-win. As a dental practitioner, offering aligner therapy gives you a competitive edge and, therefore, expands your bottom line. For patients, clear aligners are an increasingly attractive option for more discreet, comfortable orthodontic treatment over braces. Invisalign® is popular for orthodontic patients of all ages, from young children looking at Phase 1 orthodontics, to teens, to adults.

So how can you get started with offering clear aligners like Invisalign aligners with confidence and receive training your patients can trust? Dr. Sandra Khong Tai’s online course, “Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique” is a great way to learn Invisalign tips and tricks to bolster your knowledge. In addition, you can do this 12-week online course according to your own schedule, and at the office or home.

Before we share an overview of the clear aligner tips and tricks you’ll receive, let’s first go over the basics of who this course is for, what it’s like, and its benefits for participants.

Who Is This Clear Aligner Course For?

Are you a busy dentist or orthodontist practicing in North America, Europe, Asia, or Australia? If so, this orthodontic course taken online is for you. As a practicing orthodontist herself based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Dr. Tai understands how little time you have when your days are already filled with seeing patients, other professional commitments, and time for yourself, family, and friends. So she developed this course as one of the best Invisalign courses for a flexible and efficient way to learn clear aligner tips and tricks on your own schedule. 

How Does This Online Orthodontic Course Work?

Entirely online, this 12-week, systematic virtual clear aligner technique course consists of two-hour recorded video modules that you watch and study every week at your own pace. Each module is accompanied by a downloadable PDF with notes about that module plus a quiz to reinforce your learning. Every four weeks, you’re invited to submit a case study and participate in a live ClinCheck session with Dr. Tai through Zoom.

What Do You Get Out of This Online CE Course for Dentists and Orthodontists?

CE Credits - This clear aligner CE course is an approved PACE program by the Academy of General Dentistry. As such, you know you’re receiving a quality, credentialed course. Plus, you’re eligible for 30 continuing education credits upon completion. 

To receive your CE credits, you must take the quiz for each module and answer three out of the five quiz questions correctly to pass the module. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake the quiz and rewatch the video as many times as you need in order to pass the quiz successfully. When you’ve passed all the quizzes, you’ll receive a PDF certificate certifying you’ve completed this Invisalign training course online, and you can submit the certificate to apply for CE credits with your dental licensing authority.

Convenient Orthodontic Training - As we’ve mentioned, “Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique” is specifically designed for convenience, with the busy doctor in mind. This Invisalign course for dentists and orthodontists can be accessed from your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet, or even your smartphone. And, of course, you can study each module at your own pace and when most convenient for your schedule.

A Community of Professionals - Not all clear aligner courses include a built-in community and network of other dentists and orthodontists. With this training, you instantly join an exclusive online community of current and past learners where you can post questions, updates, and participate in discussions.

During the course, you are free to post discussion questions within the course learning platform where your course cohort can respond in a public forum. If you'd like to ask a private question, you can email Dr. Sandra Tai directly.

Live ClinCheck Case Study Discussion with Dr. Tai - Dr. Tai hosts a live ClinCheck® review session every four weeks to discuss real-life cases submitted by course participants. To accommodate global participation in this clear aligner course, ClinCheck sessions are scheduled according to timezone with sessions grouped for North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Learn tips and tricks for mastering aligner therapy from a clear aligner expert. Dr. Tai has over two decades of experience as a practicing orthodontist and has treated over 2,500 patients with Invisalign.

7 Clear Aligner Tips and Tricks Covered in This Invisalign CE Course

So what is covered in this online orthodontic course? Dr. Tai goes from the basics to instruction on complex cases to ensure you’re thoroughly equipped to offer clear aligners with confidence after the course. Here’s an overview with 7 of the Invisalign clear aligner tips and tricks you’ll learn more about.

1. Anterior Open Bite and Crowding: Patients who have an anterior open bite with crowding can sometimes look at their teeth and think that braces are the only option. However, with knowledge from this course, it is possible to fix a patient’s open bite and spacing issues with aligners. 

2. Deep Bites, Class II Treatment, and Mandibular Advancement: Invisalign clear aligners in concert with intermaxillary elastics are effective in aligning jaws to optimal functional and aesthetic positioning. In this Invisalign CE course, you’ll learn how best to approach these issues and ensure successful outcomes for your patients, without braces.

3. Invisalign and Extractions: Most likely, you’ve come across cases in your practice where extraction is necessary, even if your treatment philosophy is to avoid extractions as much as possible. Several modules in this course cover tips and tricks for approaching extractions as part of a patient’s aligner treatment.

4. Advanced ClinCheck Techniques: Invisalign’s ClinCheck is the all-in-one, real-time digital hub and resource for planning your patient’s clear aligner treatment with precision. Dr. Tai will go over best practices for this powerful tool so you can use it to your and your patients’ advantage for the best outcomes.

5. Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Finishing, and Retention: Once a treatment plan is established and underway, your patients will need your expert oversight as they move through their clear aligner journey and enter after-care. This module provides tips for your part in this critical time when the patient is handling their clear aligner progression at home.

6. Mixed Dentition with Invisalign First: It’s fair to say that most parents of younger children with orthodontic issues think braces or other traditional appliances are the only choices in the toolbox. But now Invisalign First is an option, designed to address Phase 1 orthodontics effectively. Dr. Tai covers what you need to know about Invisalign First for your pediatric patients.

7. TADS and Orthognathic Surgery with Clear Aligners: Complex cases might require the placement of TADS and orthognathic surgery paired with aligner therapy. Patients may find this news intimidating but it doesn’t have to be — for them or you. In the final module of this comprehensive orthodontic training course, you’ll dive into this scenario and complete your knowledge.

Supplement Your Online Orthodontic Course with the Clear Aligner Technique Textbook

As an expert in clear aligner treatment, Dr.Tai has written a textbook for doctors to reference. This clinical handbook is a must-have supplement for your clear aligner training and is available for purchase here.

An Orthodontic Course for General Dentists and Orthodontists That Takes Your Practice to the Next Level

Continuing education is key for ensuring your patients receive the highest level of service and results. And with the rapid pace of technology, scientific knowledge, and new, proven techniques, staying on top of it all is a constant necessity. That’s why Dr. Tai has structured this mini-residency course so it’s easy for you to bring your practice to the next level — with aligner mastery and service that’s second to none. Taking the workshops she’s presented all over the world, she’s written a curriculum for online learning that makes Invisalign tips even more convenient to learn. No travelling; no days away from patients.

The next course begins January 2023, with module 1 available beginning January 13. If you’re unable to follow each module every week, it’s possible to access the modules at a later date, and you have a year from the first date of your session to view all the modules. 

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Register today and start 2023 with a clear aligner training course that will revolutionize your practice.