‍5 Reasons Offering Clear Aligner Treatment Will Grow Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, the oral health of your patients is your top priority. And of course, one of the keys to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums is having straight teeth. So offering clear aligner treatment like Invisalign can go a long way in setting up your patients for oral health success.

Offering clear aligner treatment can also help you grow your dental practice. Not trained in clear aligner treatment? No problem. Our online clear aligner courses are designed with dentists in mind, giving general dentists the knowledge, tips, and tricks for providing clear aligner service with amazing outcomes. And as a bonus, the investment you make into our orthodontic course is easily recovered by one clear aligner case. 

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why offering clear aligners makes sense if you’re looking to expand your services and increase your bottom line. 

1. Demand for Clear Aligner Treatment is Predicted to Grow Every Year

According to clear aligner statistics gathered by Grand View Research, the demand for clear aligner treatment for both teens and adults is predicted to dramatically increase over the next eight years. In this forecast covering 2023-2030, clear aligner treatment is predicted to grow annually at a compounded rate of 30%.

The global clear aligner market is expected to reach $30.2 billion by 2030. So it’s safe to say that a smart answer to how to grow a dental practice is clear aligner treatment.

2. Virtual Professional Oversight of Clear Aligner Treatment is Easier than with Braces

The pandemic taught us that clear aligner treatment is perfect for at-home teeth straightening. Dental Tribune found that, in 2020, Invisalign treatment increased by 36% for adults and 38.7% for teens. At the time, people were reluctant to see an orthodontist for the in-person check-ins required with braces. Opting for clear aligners became popular — with the flexibility of virtual check-ins and fewer in-office visits. 

Now as we live through the aftermath of Covid, the attraction of at-home teeth straightening paired with virtual doctor oversight is expected to continue. And rest assured, Aligner Resources’ clear aligner orthodontic course covers tips for patient monitoring.

3. Patients are Attracted to the Discreet, Convenient, More Comfortable Experience of Clear Aligners

Clear aligner treatment has an upper hand over braces when it comes to straightening teeth with minimal change to a patient’s daily routine and habits. Patients appreciate that clear aligners are nearly invisible, you can eat and drink without worrying about damaging any wires or brackets, and they don’t impede brushing and flossing. In addition, clear aligner treatment is typically more comfortable than with fixed appliances.

4. Clear Aligners Like Invisalign Can Now Fix More Complex Cases

Invisalign has been FDA-approved since 1998 and by 2022, the makers of Invisalign had counted 14 million patients globally. With such a history, Invisalign is now confidently used for complex cases, giving patients the option to see an Invisalign-trained dentist instead of an orthodontist for braces. 

With “Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique”, you’ll have the knowledge to treat complex and multidisciplinary cases — like combining Invisalign with TADS and orthognathic surgery. Grow your dental practice with the option of providing Invisalign to your current patients as well as attract new patients who are on the fence about braces vs. Invisalign. 

5. Clear Aligners Are a Solution for Adults Who Had Adolescent Braces But Have Crooked Teeth Again

Adults who had braces as teens but now find themselves with crooked teeth again might be hesitant to get adult braces. You can grow your dental practice by capturing this group with clear aligner treatment.

In 2022, the adult segment held the largest clear aligner market share at 61.2%. Now, it’s not stated in these clear aligner statistics how many of these adults had teeth-straightening previously. But the takeaway is clear: adults seeking clear aligner treatment are a lucrative group to consider when you want to grow a dental practice.

The First Step in Growing Your Dental Practice: Our Invisalign Course Online

We know that as a dentist, you’re busy. Aligner Resources responds to the limitations on your time with a clear aligner course structured for practicing general dentists. A module-based course, you can progress through the material at a pace that works for you.

After completing this online orthodontic course, you can also apply for 30 CE credits. And of course, you’ll receive the confidence you need to start growing your dental practice as a clear aligner provider.

Find out more about our orthodontic training in this course description.